Shen’s Mansion – Map

Daytime version (nighttime version below)

Shen is a mage living in the upper class section of Kowal. He has long been a refuge for your mages who are just coming into their powers. Since the Catastrophe of the Greystone and the fall of the Red Guard, things have changed in Kowal. Shen also changed, though many don’t know why. He has become more reclusive and has spent most of his time researching in his lab.

Adventure hook

The players are hired to steal a book from the mansion. The person gives a description, but does not know where it is located. They do know that Shen has libraries on all 3 floors, and that he has a rumored laboratory in the basement.

The Mansion


  • Shen
  • Tesa
  • (6) Guards (Dretchs with polymorph)
  • (2) Lvl 3 Archeons (Villem and Kalin) 


Shen: Wakes at 1pm

Roll 1d20 for his schedule.

  • 1 – Studies in all day
  • 2-12 – Leaves at 2pm, Returns at 6pm dinner, studies rest of night in personal study (3am)
  • 13-16 Leaves at 2pm, returns at 6pm dinner, studies in laboratory the rest of night (3am)
  • 17-19 Leaves at 2 pm, returns home for sleep at 3am
  • 20 Leaves for northern manor

Tesa: Wakes at 1 pm

Works in lab all day save for dinner at 6 pm (if shen is present), ends day at 3 am

Villem and Kalin wake at 11 am

Stay in guard positions or tour the house. Sleep at midnight


  • Coins 64 gp, 500 sp, 1000 cp
  • Masterwork Longsword (315 gp)
  • Magic Items
  • Oil of Purify Food and Drink (25 gp)
  • Salve of Endure Elements (50 gp)
  • Potion of Invisibility (3 Mana) (150 gp)
  • Salve of Pass without Trace (50 gp)
  • Scroll of Sleep (25 gp)


  • Many fine wines. 
  • Many aged liquors
  • Food stock. 

About the Map

  • 200 DPI JPG maps with grid
  • Day and Night Versions
  • Fantasy Grounds Unity and Roll 20 optimized maps.
  • UVTT

Night Time version.
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