I am always looking for a place where my work fits. At first, SagaBorn was a 3.5 clone with bits of my world slapped on. The system grew, carved our indie niche, and thrived. As time went on, I saw reviews, comments, and comparisons, always marking my game and art as retro or old school. As this started to happen, the OSR (Old School Revival) hit full swing, and I thought my work would really fit in under that title. 

But last week, I was talking to some folks, and I mentioned that my games were OSR style. One person asked what that meant, and another replied, “old white guy games.” And while I may be an old white guy, I don’t want my games to be viewed like that. I want my games to be accessible and representative of all. With a retro vibe. 

I was then joking in a discord that I wish there were a vintage game category that didn’t come with the baggage. I jokingly came up with a logo… And I think I like it.

VCR, Vintage Roleplaying for the future.

Vintage and Contemporary Roleplaying 

So how do you sum up the idea of a fun retro feel but letting everyone know the game is forward-thinking and doing its best to move away from old harmful tropes? Put it in the logo! Vintage for having the retro feel, exploration and discovery, long campaigns, cool art, and fewer rules more rulings. Contemporary means we don’t deal with any of that old crusty stuff; no gender stereotypes, alignment BS, punishing players, etc. Roleplaying because… Well, you better get that part. 

I want to make a good label for my work that lets others know exactly what they are getting into!

Other VCR games:

Do you want use VCR for your gaming content? Go ahead! Just don’t be a weird grognard, remember, lets move into the future with our gaming, and that includes everyone!

Grab the logo above or below, and start creating! Want to be listed here? Drop us a line.

VCR Vintage and Contemporary Roleplaying Logo
Full-size PNG VCR Logo
VCR Vintage and Contemporary Roleplaying Logo
Full-size JPG VCR Logo
VCR Vintage and Contemporary Roleplaying Logo
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