The Saga, Issue 7

Rethinking Hit Points – The Haunting of Eliuska Manor – Into the World Rethinking Hit Points One of the big issues I have encountered when running games is Hit Points. Sure it is a tried and true system that is simple. But often for fun games, this means the party needs a healer or they … Read more

The Pact

A SagaBorn 1.5 Adventure ADVENTURE BACKGROUND A merchant in Kowal, Gregor Eliuska, has been extremely successful lately. Not only in his business dealings, but also within the gambling halls. Gregor has yet to make a bad deal. Some have begun to think it a little supernatural. The party has been hired to investigate, and they … Read more

The Saga, Issue 6

The Story Guide: Overland and Town Map tool – Flowscape I have started using a program called Flowscape to create overland maps. It is a very fast tool to make very professional maps quickly. And its only $15.99 on Steam! I have used it to make simple overhead battle maps like this: With a little … Read more

The Saga, Issue 4

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that we released a big update this week: Sagaborn 1.5 Beta. We are calling it a beta because there are some significant changes, and we need people to try it out and tell us what they think. We are beginning a new column to explain the … Read more

The Temple of the Valley

In the ancient past the Eldar peoples worshiped Tanthias as one of their primary gods. As many peoples do, they created temples to their god. Several millenia ago, the shapeshifting creatures known as nachzur troubled the Eldar as they do with goodly folk today. The nachzur Brelmani took the form of a Tanthian priest, using … Read more

The Saga , Issue 3

The Story Guide: GM’s Apply Here We spend so much time figuring out what the players want and how they play, but we have no way of letting our players know how we gamemaster before we start. So I have written an article and included a PDF Game Master’s Sheet that will allow us to … Read more

Creature Compendium

Monsters have invaded our lands. People are scared. And it is our job to help them. I have compiled many notes throughout my years of hunting, and now I will share these with you, so you can hunt as well. And hopefully make this world safe again. — Etahn Belbane, Hunter The Creature Compendium, A Guide to … Read more