Log from our chat on the RPGnet Chat!

On February 20th, on a warm, not so stormy night the SagaBorn crew descended on the RPGnet IRC channel to discuss their current Kickstarter: the SagaBorn RPG. This is what was said. 19:31] <+MBielaczyc> Hello everyone! I am Michael Bielaczyc- co creator of SagaBorn and creator of the Dark Return RPG setting. [19:32] <+BrianCooksey> I’m … Read more

The Last 2 days of the Kickstarter!

We are down to the last 2 days of our Kickstarter! THE CROSSING is a new, Dark Return setting adventure for 4-6 characters of 3rd to 4th level. Continue your characters’ Return of the Fey adventure path with over one hundred pages of encounters, locales, and terrifying monsters. Written by Shonn Everett and produced by … Read more

Of Dwarves and Artifacts: A SagaBorn Short Story

“Out with it,” barked the wizened old dwarf. Erl’s leather face shifted into a smile and he slapped Gartnor on the back with a stinging but friendly force. “The faster you ’splain what you want, the faster we can guzzle that pitcher.” “I…uh…I’m not here to drink. I just…” “Not here to drink, he says,” … Read more

SagaBorn Games: Narrative and Dramatic Role Play

Painting by Michael Bielaczyc

When creating Atheles, Michael Bielaczyc and I have worked hard to ensure SagaBorn gameplay becomes an immersive, story-based experience with interpersonal drama and engaging narrative rather than mere power gaming. An engaging narrative is difficult to accomplish when writing a book, but it is even more difficult to accomplish in a game whose story is … Read more

Creating a Dungeon Map in Photoshop

When running an adventure, having a good map is essential. If you are using miniatures, then with a quick bit of printing, you can have terrain for your players. Maps can seem daunting, but if you set up a basic map ahead of time, you can quickly produce maps for your adventures. There are plenty … Read more